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MiiR 16oz Camp Cup - Spring Chinook

MiiR 16oz Camp Cup - Spring Chinook

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Along with our partner businesses, MiiR, and Always with Honor, we have created the third in our series of Fishy Camp Cups. This collector's cup features a vibrant native Spring Chinook... and a fish this size requires a bigger camp cup!

In a throwback to the campfire mug of past generations, the MiiR Camp Cup takes on beauty, durability, and functionality in one fell swoop, making it loveable for all the right reasons (and impossible to own too many). Perfectly paired with the Press-fit Slide Lid. Slide to cover the mouth opening when not in use for an extra dose of insulation and splash-proof peace of mind.

Always With Honor dialed up the charm with this design. Everyone will notice this cup around the fire, so keep a close eye on it so it doesn't "run" off with a visiting camper.

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